Simple but yet powerful profanity filter for chat and comments that automatically removes profanity from your community.

Powered by Two Hat, Sift Ninja is the world's smartest profanity filter for all social platforms. Sift Ninja employs the same robust content classifiers as Two Hat’s Community Sift, think of Sift Ninja as “Community Sift Lite,” or “Community Sift for Startups”. An essentials-only profanity filter tool that automatically filters the worst content, including PII, vulgarity, sexting, and racism.


Stop Trolls In Their Tracks

Use Sifters to protect your users from toxic comments, harassment, and profanity without lifting a finger.

Know Your Community

Community matters. Get insight into what your users are saying - about their world, your product, and your brand.

Get Back Your Time

Genius doesn’t happen overnight. Let us protect your community while you go back to being the visionary we know you are.

Don’t let your social network turn into a hate speech platform.

Meet Sift Ninja — The most accurate real-time moderation bot.

Powered by Two Hat

At Two Hat, we believe everyone should have the power to share ideas without fear of being harassed or abused.

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