Sift Ninja Integrations — PubNub

A powerful yet simple software service that automatically moderates and filters comments and chat.

Filter toxic or abusive chat and comments from your PubNub apps using the Sift Ninja Block.

Sift Ninja will automatically identify the topic of the comment, determine the degree of severity, and auto-moderate based on your unique settings for that topic.

Topics include Vulgarity (profanity), Racism, Sexting, or PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

If the comment fails your settings, Sift Ninja gives you the option to either discard the comment automatically or return a response that has the inappriopriate text hased out.

Add Sift Ninja BLOCK to a PubNub app

Requires Sift Ninja account


Fig 1.1 Screenshots

Fig 1.2 Setup

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